Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hello, whirled

I am sort of quite bad at keeping up with blog updation (and I also know that is not a real word), but it seemed like a good idea to perhaps track my experience as I make my way through a Masters in Public Administration program. 

I already have a master's degree, in Library Science, and for me it was something of an expensive mistake. I do not intend to repeat that -- it is pretty obvious to me already that this program is much more right for me and I am incredibly excited about making this change in my life. It is a bit scary - I am a returning student, a full ten years older than some of the other students (can I call them kids? Maybe not yet), and although I feel completely qualified and confident ... well, it is still a little weird. 

So far, though, it is about as un-weird as it could possibly be. The people I have met so far are just fantastic, both fellow students and the folks both running the office and the faculty I've talked to. I'm going to be a TA and I am more than a little nervous about meeting the person whom I will be assisting, who has pretty much done everything in the world outside of taming lions and traveling to space (or maybe that just wasn't included in her resume). But of course I'm thrilled to get to interact with people that have such incredible experience and who can hopefully impart a bit of that wisdom to me.

And you know, being an older student does have some advantages already. I feel so much more confident about what I want to do and in how I talk to people than I would have 5-10 years ago. I know how to manage my time and I have some real-world experience, unsexy but useful. Believe the hype - returning to school can be a good idea.

I did a remedial week-long math review last week and today was the first day of new student orientation. On top of this I'm still continuing to co-organize the Bloomington Handmade Market as well as helping to run Paper Crane Studio & Gallery (although I'm going to be doing a little less there than I have been in hopes of keeping my sanity.) And last of all I'm working on some electronic textiles art projects with a buddy of mine. Never a dull moment. I hope I can keep all this up while I struggle through statistics ... stay tuned.

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